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Lucifer and Meg cast for Supernatural season 5!!

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This dude's the man! I never watched Lost but he played Paul on Dexter (SHOWTIME) and was a junkie who beat his wife, Rita (Julie Benz). This guy played such an ass but he was amazing at it. He really was scary and intimidating. He's gonna be one badass Lucifer in my opinion.

This is from Ausiello's blog (TV Guide):

Season 4 of Supernatural ended with Lucifer rising, and now, he's here. Michael Ausiello from EW.com has confirmed that actor Mark Pellegrino will join Supernatural as the Devil. Who is Mark Pellegrino, you ask?

Well, if you're a Lost fan, you certainly know him as Jacob, the shadowy ruler of the Island who finally appeared in the season5 finale, only to be killed off by Ben. On that show I actually predicted that Jacob was the Devil, so it looks like I was right, only with the wrong show.

Pellegrino also starred on Dexter as Rita's abusive ex-husband, so we know he can play an ominous bad guy. For Supernatural, this casting is huge, mostly because of Pellegrino's recent Lost connection, which earned him plenty of new fans and should help with a lot of buzz for his new role as Lucifer.
In other news Meg is going to be back but it won't be Nicki Aycox, it's Rachel Miner.

Supernatural Bings Back Meg
by Illeane Rudolph
For those who’ve been wondering what happened to Meg, the sassy demon with a huge grudge against Supernatural’s Winchester brothers, she’s back! And Rachel Miner, the former Mrs. Macaulay Culkin, who got her start on Guiding Light and was most recently seen as a bisexual S&M practicing character on Californication, is playing the character, last seen in Season 2. “I’ve been wondering, what Meg’s doing out there,” creator Eric Kripke tells TV Guide Magazine exclusively. “I’ve been continually asking the writers, ‘Where’s Meg?” She’s would make a really formidable adversary. I got impatient and ended up writing her into my own script.” So far, Miner’s been signed for one episode.

This comes on top of the previously reported casting of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer. Satan is a nice turnaround for the actor, who played Lost’s mysterious God-like Jacob in May’s season finale, although he did portray Rita’s devilish abusive husband on Dexter.

So what do you Supernatural fans think of the casting? Does Pellegrino fit your image of Lucifer? And will you miss Nicki Aycox, who originally played Meg?
I'm not very familliar with Rachel Miner but I loved the character of Meg. So lets hope she brings something great to this character.
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  1. Saya's Avatar
    The original Meg was pretty wicked, but this girl "looks" like she can pull it off. Im glad they are bringing her back. she stirred thing up and it made it more interesting.
  2. Something Sexy's Avatar
    Good thing you finished your statement because this was funny.

    This dude's the man! I never watched Lost but he played Paul on Dexter (SHOWTIME) and was a junkie who beat his wife, Rita (Julie Benz).


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