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    Default Re: Top 10 Horror Movies...Let's have 'em

    Top 3:

    1) Halloween 2
    2) Nightmare on Elm Street - Dream Warriors
    3) Friday the 13th - Part 3

    Other 7 in no order:

    4) Child's Play 2
    5) Candyman
    6) Puppet Master 3
    7) Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2
    8) The Leprechaun
    9) SAW
    10) Dead Silence

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    Dead Silence did creep me out. I hate spooky old women, dolls, and rocking chairs.

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    Glad to see desd silence getting a mention. What an awesome underrated movie. Very creepy
    want a balloon?

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    1. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
    2. Zombie
    3. The Exorcist
    4. The Devil's Nightmare
    5. John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness
    6. Horror of Dracula
    7. The Wicker Man
    8. The Omega Man
    9. Suspiria
    10. Werewolf vs. The vampire woman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh-A-Tron View Post
    Well I guess mine would go something like this:

    1. The Exorcist
    2. Hellbound: Hellraiser II
    3. The Beyond (Lucio Fulci)
    4. Halloween (original)
    5. Buio Omega (Beyond the Darkness)
    6. Opera (Dario Argento)
    7. Cannibal Holocaust
    8. Alien
    9. Friday the 13th part 4 (was always partial to that one)
    10. Night of the Living Dead (1991, I always liked Savini's update)
    Buio Omega - I give you major props for going that deep into Eurohorror.

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    1. Anything Universal

    2. Halloween
    3. TCM '03
    4. The Thing
    5. Return of the Living Dead
    6. Dawn of the Dead
    7. FvJ
    8. F13th
    9. Alien
    10. Jaws

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    1. Alien
    2. Aliens
    3. Alien 3
    4. Alien Ressurection
    5. Alien vs Predator
    6. Alien vs Predator :Requiem:
    7. Predator
    8. Predator 2
    9. Predators
    10. Milo and Otis

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    An American Werewolf in London
    Evil Dead
    Evil Dead 2
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original)
    The Descent
    The Exorcist
    The Shining
    Dawn of the Dead '04
    The Howling
    The Lost Boys

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    Quote Originally Posted by xphilx View Post
    Glad to see desd silence getting a mention. What an awesome underrated movie. Very creepy
    Hell yeah! I enjoyed that movie too!

    Some really good lists here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgul Matt View Post
    The Thing (1982)
    The Wicker Man (1973)
    A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
    Halloween (1978)
    Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
    Freddy vs Jason
    In the Mouth of Madness
    I would like to amend my list.

    I saw In the Mouth of Madness again very recently, having not seen it for around 5 years or so, & although I still love it I wouldn't quite put it in my top 10 favourite horror movies. You see, it's not actually available here in the UK on dvd, hence my having not seen it for so long. Which is a shocking disgrace if you ask me. You could spit in the great John Carpenter's face and follow that up with a slap & I'm sure that he would find those actions far less insulting than to not even bother releasing one of his films on dvd.

    There was one particular omission from my original list that I'm actually very embarrassed about, An American Werewolf in London. It's been one of my all time favourite films since I was a young lad and it just slipped my mind when I wrote my original list. I watched it again over the weekend &, for me, it's lost none of it's magic.

    Plus, it's debatable whether certain films should even be classed as horror films at all. Some would argue that Jaws & Alien shouldn't even be on my list. But regardless of what other genres they are I think that they are both also horror movies. But what about Predator & Aliens? Should I include those as horror films? I'm actually not sure on that one but I'll go with a yes & include them all the same.

    So anyway, here's an updated list to reflect my true top 10 horror movies... I think.

    The Thing (1982)
    The Wicker Man (1973)
    A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
    An American Werewolf in London
    Halloween (1978)

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