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    Default Where do you buy clothing for 1/6 figures?

    I'm looking to get a basic, white long-sleeve dress shirt to fix a recent 1/6 figure purchase and wanted to know where others buy from and trust.


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    Toy Anxiety(in the forum) Monkey Depot, and Ebay! of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayden View Post
    Toy Anxiety(in the forum) Monkey Depot, and Ebay! of course.
    Same here.

    If youre willing to spend more Black Ops toys has a lot of stuff.

    Best prices seem to be eBay, especially from overseas sellers.

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    I don't mess around with my 1/6 scale a lot as I like to keep the figures minty fresh but in an emergency or for background accessories Toy Anxiety, Monkey Depot and Black Ops Toys are all great. Ebay sellers in China have also been wonderful

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    I have always used Cotswald Collectibles (elite brigade) and third son books (ebay) but thats because I focused on mainly 60s styled GIJoes and retro 12 inch figures until I discovered sideshows GIJoes.

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    I've ordered from this store before. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Hegemony77com#about They have great casual clothing options, really nice quality. Also I've been trying to start sewing so I can make my own items.

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