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    Default Re: Mamegyorai---1/3 scale ALIEN Quadrilogy Statues

    Quote Originally Posted by abake View Post
    Damn nice, congrats!
    Quote Originally Posted by Python View Post
    It's a thing of beauty. Congratulations again!
    Quote Originally Posted by burtial View Post
    Looks great brother! What did you do to finesse the dome?
    Thanks! I initially used a hair dryer, but in the end I don't think it really needed it. I had the wrong idea about how it should fit. I basically just had to pull one side of the dome out to get it "over the hump" on the other side of the head. After I did that it snapped into place. I had no luck pulling on both sides like they show in the assembly video on YouTube.

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    I bought one and it arrived in good shape. Except for the dome. It doesn’t fit snug to the seam. I tried twisting and pulling and readjusting the fit. Nope. Definitely warped. I watching their video where the guy just tugs both sides out at the same time and it easily snap-locks into place. Boy, mine sure doesn’t do that! I got my wife’s hairdryer and started heating up the dome while I held it in place with my hands. I’ve done this before on other, warped, model kit parts so I have a good idea what to do. The only difference was the head was already mounted to the body and I couldn’t (nor would I think it wise) dip the dome into cold water to “freeze” the heated dome into its new shape. I tried about six times to heat the dome and reshape it. I got it CLOSER but just couldn’t get it to stay flush to the seam. In the process of doing this I scratched the dome at about the halfway point against those pointy-ridges running vertically down the length of the head. To add to the scratch, I noticed by holding the dome up to the light I had created a distortion area from the heat from the repeated use of the hairdryer. Damn, this was frustrating! Tried the double-sided tape. That didn’t work either. I contacted Sideshow to see if getting a replacement dome was possible. Nope. All out of replacement stock. I could get a complete refund or a Sideshow gift card for about 20 percent of the purchase price. Well, aside from the dome fit, I love the statue and wanted to keep it. So I accepted their offer of the gift card. The scratch is small enough so I can live with it. The small heat-distortion area on the dome doesn’t show unless you angle it ‘just so.’ I still need to get the dome to fit right and I’m thinking about using some kind of epoxy to permanently mount it in place. What would you guys do? Is contacting Mamegyorai a possibility? Ask them for just a replacement dome? I don’t speak or read Japanese. I don’t even know who I’d contact there. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Here is their contact page:
    Using Google Translate: https://translate.googleusercontent....nwJtyApeqkclXg

    There, you will find their order desk contact email. You could send them an email both in English and Japanese (translate your English version to Japanese with Google Translate for example). Like this you should be able to get in touch with them and they should be able to understand you.

    I also had to replace one part of my Mamegyorai Big Chap and they were really helpful and fast in sending me a replacement part.

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to respond and help me. You’re awesome! I’ll send Mamegyorai an email and use the Google translation link you provided. Thanks again!

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