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    Default Euka's meager collection

    Hopefully, I can organize a better cam and get better pics to show you. Here we go:

    Cabinet 1:

    On Cabinet 1:

    Cabinet 2

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    Cabinet 3

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    Hey nothing wrong with a small collection! Good stuff there!!!:chew

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    Xenomorph Rex
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    Wow! That looks really nice!

    Any chance of us getting pictures of the entire cabinet in one picture?

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    Sure thing, here ya go

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    Nothing small about that collection ! Looks great !

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    El Cazador de Hombres
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    Ah, another fan of the Detolf's. I have about five of them for the moment.

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    Xenomorph Rex
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    Mar 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eukalyptus View Post
    Sure thing, here ya go


    Thanks for the pic!

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    Great collection, some real nice pieces. I think Robo is one of my faves... I never imagined we'd get such a kicass version.

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    I downsized my collection quite a bit (keeping only the higher quality pieces) and have a different display atm. I hope to supply pics in the coming week or so. What remains:

    Medicom RAH X3 Wolverine *new*
    Medicom RAH Spider-man 3 (blue/red) *new*
    Medicom RAH Sandtrooper
    Medicom RAH Shadow Stormtrooper
    Medicom RAH Stormtrooper
    Medicom RAH Ghost Rider

    Hot Toys RoboCop 3 w/ Gun Arm

    SSC Legolas Greenleaf (regular, the exclusive doesn't make much sense anyway)
    SSC Boromir (regular)

    NECA 12" Leonidas (not exactly 'high quality' material, but a very nice piece nonetheless)

    So stay tuned
    Last edited by Eukalyptus; 10-23-2007 at 11:46 AM.
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