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    Default XM Boba Fett 1/4 statue

    What a beauty this is. I have the SSC PF on order, but I am looking forward to seeing this one develop. I'm particularly interested in seeing if they can create a convincing look for the jet exhausts smoke and flames..

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    Got to get me one of these. It looks great.

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    It seems like there's no easy way to get these in the States. If there's a way to do a payment plan though I'm definitely in
    -Gordon Freeman

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    Hmm. Still getting that "cartoon" vibe.

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    Dont like it. Going with the Sideshow one.

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    Don't care since I can't (won't spend the time/money to chase on down) get one.

    Looks cool though.

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    it looks nice. Question will be how they do the paint up not that... I think they should have brought in the sarlacc on the base.
    Because of price I think I stick with the new Sideshow one..

    now show me Vader

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    It's a great statue,

    Makes me think of the Star Wars Unleashed figurine.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	boba_fett_unleashed_by_crash1973-d57klkg.jpg 
Views:	1404 
Size:	108.8 KB 
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    I agree that the Sarlaac would have been welcome.

    I know it's getting unpopular but I still like fabrics on my statues so I'll stick with the SSC one.
    Anyway, it is out of my league price wise.

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    Very cool looking, but ya of course this will cost $1K+ to get. SS it is.

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    The best thing I've done this year was i cancelled my Fett and Vader PO's. XM just takes this hobby to a whole new level. And for that i take my hat off. You make this hobby exciting again. You guys nailed this one.

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