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    Default Re: We are all children of TOULON! Show us some PUPPET MASTER!

    I just bought a set of Jester heads (sinister head and sad head) along with hands. A little pricey but I'll be selling off the sinister head. Gonna make my own Jester got someone making the outfit.

    If anyone's interested this is the head in question.
    Puppet Master Grails
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    Just a little freaky
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    Apr 2015
    Huge fan of this series. I was such a blade fan growing up!

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PuppetMasterFigs.jpg 
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    I really wish they made more 12 inch, Blade and Decapitron look better than most of the 1:1 replicas in my opinion. :/

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    I'd love to have the replicas, but I missed the boat, sadly. I'm a huge fan of the Puppet Master film series and had the old smaller scale toys back in the day. They were some of my favorites back then.

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    Got a custom torch and pinhead on their way to me, and I sent my Jester out to get his outfit tailored! So close to a complete collection of the OG puppets!
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    Post pictures in here when you get them so I don't miss it!

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    YES! Awesome. Torch is great.

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    Torch is a grail for me. And pinhead too. I'm not a big pinhead fan but God damn he's awesome.

    Jester will be here in a month.
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    My collection of FullMoon 1:1 replicas. Have all on display except my 3 Totems. Need to add another small shelf I guess.

    Top shelf: Reanimator Blade, Battle Damaged Blade, Red Coat Blade, Battle Damaged Pinhead, Battle Damaged Tunneler, Battle Damaged Jester and Decapitron.
    Shelf 2: Pinhead, Dr. Death, Cyclops, Jester and Ooga Booga.
    Shelf 3: Leech Woman, Blade, Tunneler, Torch, Mesphisto, Drill Sargent and Six Shooter.
    Bottom Shelf: Stealth Six Shooter, Stealth Torch, Stealth Decapitron, White Bloody Blade, Homonculus and Weremacht.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SAM_4157.JPG  

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