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    I can't find the thread we were discussing the Cylons in but according to the Amok Time site:
    Q: Are you guys Majestic Studios?
    A: No. In case you haven’t heard, We are Amok Time. After the unfortunate end of Majestic Studios we wanted to make sure that someone continued their great line of Classic Battlestar Galactica action figures. That someone is US. Amok Time will continue the Classic BSG line thru 2010. We are improving the original Majestic Cylon’s, Both Silver and Gold, so that they are more accurate then the original release. We will be adding the Cylon’s skirt, the one part of their distinctive uniform, that was missing from the original Majestic release.

    So much for asking the source. But, I'm glad they decided to add it!!
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    Just a little freaky

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    GREAT NEWS!!!!

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    That's great news, I really hope they rework the human bodies as well.

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    I hope they can get a better looking Cylon, I owned the first version in silver and sold it after a month since it just didn't look right.

    They have a preview up of the Lucifer sculpt, looks so-so from the thumbnail.

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    Awesome news! I'm glad I only bought the gold Majestic Cylon.

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    Rex Tremendae Majestatis
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    Maybe they'd be interested in picking up another line?
    Say, Star Trek?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abake View Post
    Maybe they'd be interested in picking up another line?
    Say, Star Trek?
    I am wondering the same thing. With all the [email protected] Diamond gets approved, I can't fathom why those 12 inch TOs Trek figures can't get made by somebody. Meanwhile I intend to support Amoktime if the are going to make figures of the calibur of what I have seen so far. One can only hope they are successful with their lines so they can pick up more license. If the new BSG sculpts come back from the factory looking as good as those prototypes, I'll be very happy.

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    I think Gentle Giant must have the rights since they have that Pickard figure they keep tormenting us with.

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    This is great news about the classic series BSG, but I hope that they also decide to continue with the current series.

    I was lucky enough to pick up the latest (and last) Majestic 1/6 Cylon Centurion Premium figure, but he is rather lonely without other key members of the cast

    This early shot of a 1/6 Lee Adama prototype was looking real nice, too bad it never happened. I hope these new guys can get it back on the table.

    Here's hoping
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    Well I am sold on these. Can't wait to see the new sculpts for Apollo and Starbuck. Seems like Amok Time and Scifimetropolis are working together to get the rest of the Lost in Space line through production. Hopefully they can make those SFM Star Trek prototypes a reality as well. And I'm all for them getting Firefly.


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