Phicen figures: PLMB2014-S09 (drums) and "Annabell" LMB2014-S02 (vocals+bass guitar)

*Homemade 1/6 scale bass guitar

1/6 scale bass guitars aren't that easy to find and then there isn't many to choose from. Sometimes it's best to improvise. The bass guitar was made using a picture from Google images. The picture was printed onto paper until the desired size was achieved. It was then cut out and secured to a (cheap) clear, flat plastic tupperware lid using thin double sided tape. Then once again I cut around the bass guitar this time cutting the plastic leaving two tabs for the strap to connect to. The strap was made using a 25cm piece of children's flat shoelace (as they are quite thin) The shoelace easily pushes onto the tabs to attach... Thats how I made this quite solid bass guitar.

Obviously you could use this method to make guitars as well. But if you were to make a guitar, make sure it's a Les Paul ;]