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    Default BOOM! Studios' Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Did anyone pick of Issue #1?

    I think it's a good entry into a new series. I wasn't thrilled with what Dark Horse did with the name, but I have all of the confidence in Boom! Their MMPR is arguably perfection, IMO.


    I like the liberties they're taking (ie. Anya's intro, Dru being this season's Big Bad presumably).

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    Dark Horse was good up to season 8

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    Oh man, just found this out by reading this and did some research. Although I'm not entirely caught up on the Buffy/Angel comics from Dark horse (I've been midway through season 9 + Angel and Faith for ages), it had always been my plan to catch up and continue. I liked how it was going.
    To hear Boom has the license has broken my heart. I actually hate what they've done to MMPR. Its pure fan-fiction and I suspect from what I've read that it being an alternate story to the original that it will aim to do the same with Buffy.

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    So they've just rebooted the whole series back to high school, but set in the present day? Oh and they've basically erased the Buffy/Angel romance as his comic is already set in LA from the beginning?

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