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    Default Re: QMx: 1/6 Firefly - Jayne Cobb

    Jayne looks great!

    Zoe, not so much. The size of the head could be forgivable as most of the time the head shrinks in production and one has to believe that this is an early prototype probably (hopefully?) rushed together to make it to the show.

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    Aside from the weak paint apps on Zoe, I'm not too concerned about the size of the head right now, it'll shrink. What concerns me most is that weirdly proportioned body. Gina Torres is a pretty well-put together woman. This looks to have no neck, a short torso, puny arms and she doesn't look tall enough. Gina's 5'10".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky Underbelly View Post
    That was really the third Mal head. (Or maybe the first head the second time, depending on how you look at it.) The original Mal proto looked great. Everybody was excited and pre-ordered. Then they showed the production head and it was all oversized and swollen and weird. So people (rightly) freaked out. But I do credit QMx for doing right by their customers, they stopped production and redid the head so it looked more like the original. And that figure turned out very well.

    Here's hoping we get some major tweaks to Zoe before things get too far along this time.
    Andy from QMX really did what not many companies would do by fixing Mal so close to release and I think we should all be grateful for that. I might joke around about how long these figure are taking to come out but when it comes to how they fixed the Mal debacle, no one could have done a better job than QMX. If this were Sideshow or Hot Toys, they would have shipped the figure with the issues knowingly and wouldn't care.

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    Yeah with that oversized head this Zoe is reminding me a lot right now of the old Sideshow Buffy figures. But I'm confident they'll get that straightened out and improve the sculpt as well.

    Jayne meanwhile looks amazing and I can't wait to order him. Paintjob could be improved a bit, but that's the only issue I'm seeing.

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