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    Default Re: Game Deals Thread.

    Buy 2, Get 1 free sale at Best Buy right now.

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    Black Dualshock 4 2.0 controller for $38.24 at Target (you need the Cartwheel App, though).

    Have Target price match Best Buy's current Dual Shock price of $44.99 for the black 2.0 controller ($15 off MSRP of $59.99; note that the white, blue, red, and black 1.0 controller have different prices). Then Cartwheel has a 15% off deal. Price before tax is $38.24.

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    Anyone in the market for a PS4 Media Remote (the smaller second gen one), I picked one up at Target for $12.49 on clearance. I checked the Target site and it’s not available for shipping, so YMMV.

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