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    Default Re: Official Hot Toys Resident Evil Figures Thread

    Were a Rescue Team. Not Assassins.

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    DAMtoys making re2 remake 1/6 scale figures!!!

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    Surprised no one is talking bout this

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironwez20 View Post
    Surprised no one is talking bout this
    Its going on in the RE Custom figure's thread for some reason. Probably makes sense to move it over here though. Really, I'm over the top stoked for these. Its about time someone picked up the license and since this is probably the biggest brand DAM has on hand (RE is still bigger than Assassins Creed right?) I can see them really pulling out all the stops to impress with these. Hot Toys really seemed like they started phoning it in on their few RE stuff about halfway through their RE5 figures and videogame figures in general were always at the bottom of their priorities, so to see it in the hands of someone who may be willing to actually put some love and care into these is exciting.

    HOPEFULLY, their RE2 figures do well enough that they are open to exploring earlier games in the series, like what they are doing with AC. Some official REmake figures would be frigging awesome. Sure, the Hot Toys Stars Chris & Wesker are good, and theres that slimmer bootleg Chris out there with a REmake based headsculpt, but something official and with modern production values behind is potentially really exciting.

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