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    Default F4F Alucard vs Gantaku Alucard

    Hey everybody, need some help. I have the First4Figures twlight Alucard on pre order but im leaning towards the Gantaku one that popped up for pre order on sideshow. Even at the smaller 1/5th scale the gantaku one to me looks way better. My only concern is the statue itself. I know the base is resin but do you guys think the statue will be too? If that statue is pvc I wouldnt want it, not for that kind of money. Anyway just need some help deciding, should I cancel my pre order on the F4F one and go with the gantaku? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Gantaku, hands down. Their products are amazingly high quality and I'm sure their Alucard will be no exception. I'm also fairly certain the entire statue will be made of resin, I haven't seen anything about it being made of PVC.
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    Awesome, Thanks so much. Yeah the Gantaku looks amazing, gonna go with that one. Thanks again

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    I don't think it's even a contest. The Gantaku sculpt is so much better.

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