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    Default 1/6 RDR2 Arthur Morgan

    Some folks want me to make AM from rdr2
    I donít have much time playing the game.
    So any suggestions on customs and weapons?
    Leave your comment.

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    Dude if you continue the gaming figures Iím off hot toys for sure and youíll get my support for life. On to your question there are a lot of outfits and weapons so there are a lot of options for the figure but Iíd be happy with just the promotion outfit(picture)and a some guns(long barrel revolver and sawn off shotgun are a must). Maybe a small tent for backdrop/base.Also the off hand second holster is a must(also pictured)

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    You magnificent bastard...

    But yeah, as others have said. Basic promo Arthur works for me. Probably a bit hard to make multiples based on players choice of facial hair and clothes etc.

    Facemask, and a repeater of some kind would be nice.
    Dutch and John would be awesome follow ups if Arthur turns out well.

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    I think for things like this you are always best basing it on the promo art/default look, because in game these the characters' clothing, head and facial hair, and even weapons colours and styles are so customisable that to try to base them on anything else will just lead to headaches and complaints. Best off sticking to the default and people can customise theirs however they like after the fact. Just be sure to stock him up with a nice range of weapons options. I'd suggest a pair of revolvers, a sawn off (or two), a shotgun (pump action or double barrel), a repeater rifle, a bow, and a knife. There are plenty of other options you could add, if you wanted to, on top of that, like dynamite or throwing knives or a tomahawk or other guns.

    For the record I'd buy good quality Arthur Morgan and John Marston figures in a heartbeat. I'd also buy an 'undead nightmare' variant of John Martson, if it ever happened, as well.
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    I'd do the Arthur base design outfit with mid length hair and short-mid length facial hair because that seems to be the sort area most folks float around in. Plus he's out in the wild so often that clean shaven just seems unlikely. As a pre-order bonus or deluxe pack, I highly highly suggest his winter gear, which really should just be gloves, boots, and the awesome jacket.

    Moving forward I'd put a poll on a handful of 1/6 forums and sites with maybe 5 outfits from the game and see what the most popular is, and then offer that as an expansion pack or even a whole release on it's own so you can get a little mileage out of the tooling.

    For John there's naturally only one option and that's his default design from RDR, but with sculpting assets based on the higher fidelity RDR2 models.

    Thirdly, you've gotta do Dutch. Not only would the tailoring and outfit be elegant but he's got presence that would display well.

    From there, I suspect I'm in the minority here but I'd like either Sadie Adler or Bonnie McFarlane. But the first three are what needs to be addressed first.

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    i read it as R2D2. i though it was a figure of the actor who was inside R2D2.

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    I also want AM!

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    Yeah I would most definitely buy the hell out of an Arthur Morgan.

    Default look would be best. If you were feeling extra generous maybe have a bearded alternate head? but the default clothes seen in the trailers would probably be the best bet as far as outfit goes.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Would 100% buy both an Arthur Morgan and a John Marston in their default looks.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    in the game you can grow Arthurs beard and hair out to crazy lengths, so the default with light stubble like others said is probably the best option, wouldn't mind an optional head though with one of the other hair length/beard length bariations

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	maxresdefault.jpg 
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    Yeah I'd say that the default with a couple days growth/stubble would be the way to go, really. But that said, I'd love a beardy alternate head, as that's my in game look, however I'll gladly take whatever I can get.
    I am not a post number. I am a free man!

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