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    Default Re: 1/6 RDR2 Arthur Morgan

    Quote Originally Posted by Drake View Post
    I'd prefer the Litchfield Repeater, personally, but I could live with the Lancaster easily enough.
    I hated the litchfield, to each their own I guess haha

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    Lancaster in traditional finish and colors for me as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DioramaMaker View Post
    Lancaster in traditional finish and colors for me as well.
    It is the most iconic rifle IMHO, I just love everything about it
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    Even though everyone is going with Lancaster and given its an iconic rifle, but I'll throw my hat and vote in for the Spencer Carbine.

    It's one of the first rifles you have, it was also among the first rifles seen in promo screens slung across AM's back and in general just looks interesting. I don't recall many, if at all, other 1/6 figures of the period ever coming with a Spencer.

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    lancaster repeater

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    Lancaster's cool. Sawed-off shotgun, too, as he uses it in the trailers, dual wielding it with a Cattleman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K.bowen View Post
    I forgot to say. If we end up getting the lancaster please use the original colors of the rifle so it looks similar to its real life version the rifle is based off, the 1866 Yellowboy. Im not really a fan of the fancy looking weapon mods, I prefer the real life counterparts colors for the guns.

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    I 2nd that.

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    I like the Lancaster or the Lichfield. As far as pistols go, Iíd love Arthur to come with the Schofield.

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