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    Default CC-Toys Nate (Unexplored, Summer Version) 1/6 figure

    If you are a video game fan there is no question that you have probably played the Uncharted series of games available on the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console and are familiar with the main character, Nathan Drake. This is a fan art inspired version of the character dubbed Nate (Unexplored, Summer Version) 1:6 Scale Figure by a popular 1:6 scale figure manufacturer based out of China, CC Toys is now available here @ ToyOrigin.com for Pre-Order! Add this figure to your existing collection of video game inspired sixth scale figures or start a new collection of your favorite characters.

    This particular manufacturer has had glowing reviews in the past with the somewhat recent release of their ‘Joel’ figure inspired by the character seen in the popular PS3 game series by the same developer, The Last of Us. Have a peek at reviews on Google/YouTube if you are curious of the quality that CC Toys delivers on when sending their products to market. We have attached 12 promotional shots for you to get a better look at the figure and it’s included accessories. Order today and enjoy 5% Reward Points (cash back) with your Order for use on your Next Purchase!

    1 x highly detailed 1:6 scale head sculpt accurate to the character
    1 x 1:6 scale figure body with many points of articulation
    1 x long sleeve Blue shirt
    1 x brown pair of Jeans
    1 x waist pack
    1 pair of shoes (brown, leather)
    1 x wrist watch
    8 x unique hands for holding accessories & posing options
    1 x grappling hook device
    1 x bodkin
    1 x flashlight
    1 x handgun / pistol
    1 x gun belt
    1 x 1:6 scale figure stand to pose your fan art creation

    I did not play the game so not sure about accuracy. Good alternative head for Sideshow i guess.

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    Likeness is a bit off

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    Love their Joel but the sculpt of this is a bit too Erik Estrada. I hope they tweak it a little bit. Would like to see them continue their excellent work and figure choices.
    "He's not my Luke Skywalker" Mark Hamill

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    Thank you potato! I have been looking for this thread. I think the sculpt looks good. If they tweek it then it will look 95% like nate. I got my order in at TNS Figures plus also go kai's new outfit on PO also. The only issue with the figure is the shoulder holster.

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    I think this has the best likeness from all the 1/6 figures... or did I miss something better?

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    This is pretty good, but I don't like the head sculpt. I'm just nitpicking but the boot soles are not really accurate But this is a good option so we don't have to go to full custom route. This is the head that I made for Nathan Drake

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Nathan Drake 8.jpg 
Views:	382 
Size:	138.4 KB 
ID:	430975
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Nathan Drake 7.jpg 
Views:	380 
Size:	137.5 KB 
ID:	430976

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    Boots look accurate to me. But i think i know what you mean they have a normal boot sole his had this flat look with a curv to it.

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    Comparison pic:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	U4NateCCToys.jpg 
Views:	338 
Size:	17.0 KB 
ID:	430999

    I think he looks great overall! His face does look younger, and his eyes should be a tiny bit smaller and his mouth a little higher, but he looks close enough that it's a must-buy for me.
    Already have a custom-made U4 Nate (below) whose face isn't 100% perfect either. This one looks more expressive, so I'm glad we're getting this.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Custom Nate.JPG 
Views:	374 
Size:	267.7 KB 
ID:	431000

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luisenigma1 View Post
    Boots look accurate to me. But i think i know what you mean they have a normal boot sole his had this flat look with a curv to it.
    yeah, just the sole, the rest are good

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    This looks pretty good, but they should adjust the cut line on the head sculpt so it hits further up his jaw line, like the lower figure in the pic namoruku posted. It looks rather unsightly right now.

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