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    Default Re: CC_TOYS the last survivor Joe

    You can also buy Ellie and winter Joel clothes through TNS Figures on Facebook. Ellie is $150 shipped with payment plan available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R_R_X View Post
    I want the two pack because I'm sure 2nd release Joel will be somewhat better than the first but mostly because I don't have Joel anymore, Now I can either buy the ellie kit and body alone, skipping on 2nd release Joel and the winter pack but I don't wanna do that, So I either buy everything seperately or buy the 2 pack and body, only thing is buying all the stuff from different retailers will be much more of a hassle for me because of how costums and the post office operate in my country. Let's see, buying seperately:

    Ellie kit - (with body) $213/free shipping on Giantoy/ have to pay $50 for added value tax plus around $20 of fees which results in something like $283

    Winter pack - $66/free shipping on KGHobby/ have to $15 for added value tax plus around $20 of fees which results in something like $101

    Ellie is currently unvailable on Giantoy though, which means I can either wait or buy the body and kit sperately somewhere else.

    So for the ellie kit and the winter pack I'll have to pay around $384, which is almost the price of the two pack, but I don't get Joel. If I buy the 2 pack plus the body:

    Ellie and Joel 2 pack - $395/free shipping on Giantoy/ have to pay $90 of added value tax plus around $20 of fees which results in something like $505

    TBLeague body - $44/free shipping on KGHobby/ have to pay $10 of added value tax plus around $20 of fees which results in somethig like $74

    So for the 2 pack and body I'll have to pay $579, which includes everything including the 2nd release Joel but the price is considerably higher.

    It really comes down to, do I wanna spend $184 less or drop it on the 2 pack and get everything pratically at once? It's something I still have to think about since I really don't wanna spend a month worth of salary on toys… Also I never ask for retailers to put lower values just to reduce my fees, I can get in trouble if the price of the package soesn't match the price of the item on site and receipt.
    if the fees is fixed at $20 per shipment then it might be better to get from 1 vendor.

    since you don't have Joel and wanted both, just get the double pack, it's still the cheapest among all. buying separate may be same of slightly more expensive but you have to mix different vendors.

    it's just a 1 time purchase, until LOF2 comes out.

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