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    Default Re: ANTHEM (Bioware's co-op game)

    Quote Originally Posted by darthviper107 View Post
    I like the game, but it wasn't a good demo, didn't do a good job introducing you to the game and I think that there's still a significant amount of bugs, EA is probably pushing this out too soon.

    I do think though that if people are expecting it to be like Destiny they will be disappointed, it's more like taking Dragon Age Inquisition and making the gameplay outside of the castle as multiplayer.
    The devs and other people that have played the latest build of the game have said the bugs and performance have been fixed the the launch version. The demo was said to be a build from the end of last year because of the console demo regulations which is a 6 week process and they didn't want to put it a different demo on PC than console.

    With that said I still had a blast playing this and the customization for javelins is fantastic. I'm eagerly awaiting next week now.

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    Don't fall for the same old EA tricks people...

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