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    Default Re: Damtoys–Assassin's Creed IV:Black Flag –1/6th scale Edward Kenway Collectible Fig

    Looks good. Huge fan of the games. Hopefully they'll make Connor.

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    this is definitely at the top of my want list now! Edward Kenway is my favorite next to Ezio but Black Flag is probably my favorite of the games just for the sailing aspect alone. Not too fond of the headsculpt though. Might customize the Matt Ryan/Constantine OSK sculpt for this

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    Oh yeah kenway. love black flag. I'm definitely interested in this. shocked when the Product was actually Edward Kenway lol.

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    Hope it's not too far away

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    His face looks a little funny, but this is a definite purchase.

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    Looks great !!

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    Weird to see this as I just started playing this game about 2 months ago.

    It's the best game I have played in ages.....sorry I waited so long to play it. Those sea chanties!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Dennie View Post
    His face looks a little funny...
    Based on his look from the cinematic trailer, I guess:

    I hate the way these characters look in cinematics.
    The only one I liked was old Ezio from ACR.
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    Insta buy for me. My favourite game! Hopefully they tweak the head sculpt and blue fabric before the release.
    Now tell me who to throw my money at!

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    Pretty awesome. Would be an instant buy if I knew that an Ezio were coming, but as is I'm not sure if I want Edward by himself on my shelf.

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