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    Default Re: Damtoys–Assassin's Creed IV:Black Flag –1/6th scale Edward Kenway Collectible Fig

    Edward came out nicely weathered, at least with some subtle weathering.

    I know people weren't excited about the baby blue on the outfit, but it's muted by a layer of dirt.

    My only real nit with the figure is that the headsculpt looks more like a video game character than if it were modeled on a real person. It's just that overall, the character design was designed for how videogames work, rather than what is practical for real life, with things like the 'floating' cape/jacket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SigitoSutasmano View Post
    Toyzfrontline and BBICN fb page. It's from SHCC event photos
    Yeah they need to weather it. Especially jacket and the leather covering pants. They chose the slick mohawk hair rather than the long hair, I guess because of the poseability and to look good when hooded
    Is that a custom or something in the queue to come out? That looks pretty cool and would be easy to dirty up. He's got a bit of a Wes Studi vibe to him. Totally dig it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyhargo Dirge View Post
    Is that a custom or something in the queue to come out? That looks pretty cool and would be easy to dirty up. He's got a bit of a Wes Studi vibe to him. Totally dig it.
    Coming soon from DAMToys, not a custom, it's an official licensed figure

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    Absolutely a winner. If you remotely liked the game and want collectibles, then this is the ticket for you. Everything is so nicely crafted and the hood is remarkably impressive for the scale. If you take the time to futz it and make it lay properly beneath the straps, it's spot on.
    Everything is nicely assembled and tightly fit to the figure, just add weapons. Remember that the seam of the hood is slightly asymmetrical in game and it's designed here accordingly. My only costuming gripes are that I feel like the shoulder pads are a hair too small; they're bigger in game to my memory
    The tabbards could have been a bit more weathered. But the latter is absolutely not a deal breaker. Additionally as pointed out, the boots are backwards; however they are curved to fit the calf and shin so unfortunately you can't flip them. But if you love the game and franchise, all of that is just a blip on the map. This is well worth your time.

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    My first fig from damtoys, really dig it but that cape/shoulder coat is a pain. That could of been better engineered to fit. Surprisingly not too much discussion on this guy, awesome toy.

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    I've got mine, it's pretty sweet. Still disapointed they went with the trailer version of edward instead of the in-game version. Thus the ''weird'' colors and head sculpt.

    Anyone interested here is my review:

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    Quote Originally Posted by SigitoSutasmano View Post
    What happened to this one? Any plans to finish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAB View Post
    What happened to this one? Any plans to finish?
    Will finish it someday. This got a few interest so I move on to another project. With a few interest, I barely made any profit, can't justify it for my work and time. A video game character always got a few interest, eventhough I know this figure really need an upgrade!

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