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    Default Re: Read Dead Redemption 2 (October 26th 2018)

    Quote Originally Posted by Knightstalker View Post
    Hope we end up seeing an unlicensed Arthur or John 1/6 figure from this game, seeing Rockstar won’t license out their games.
    Firejclawjack, director of Limtoys is making a 1/6 Arthur Morgan, if he turns out well it's likely they'll make a John next, check out his original thread here:


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    Boy, the end of chapter 3, and now middle of chapter is pretty crazy.......! glad the slowness of the first couple chapters has really picked up, but by this point, most of the characters really end up meaning something!

    Pretty great overall
    2019 already!!!!!

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    Finally finished this the other day.

    I'd been seeing memes about Micah for a while now, but at the time I only knew them in reference to busting him out of jail and him being a useless hanger-on ... but now I understand the context.

    ****in' bastard.

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    Game is VERY boring to me.....Dunno. (chapter 5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rixx View Post
    Game is VERY boring to me.....Dunno. (chapter 5)
    Thanks for telling us.

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    Yes thank you ! I stopped playing a couple months ago. Still have it and enjoy some of it so I will start again once Iím feeling it. But it drags horribly and I find it odd that didnít bring down some of the critics scores a little bit. I mean most of the plotting is super choppy and weirdly paced. A lot of the systems are useless, but then again I never enjoyed gta too much. I was never the type to race to get home power up the ps4 and yaknow play poker or some gimmicky mini game like that. Give me red dead in the form of uncharted, a thrilling action adventure where I can actually remember the beginning of the plot by the time I get to the end.

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    Love GTA and the first Red Dead. But this is just a boring RS game.

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    I'm loving it. I started playing just before Christmas and then left it to play the Dreams Beta. I returned to RDR2 when it closed. I play a story mission once a week and just spend the rest of the time riding around and exploring. The attention to detail really is something else. I will probably still be playing it months from now.

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    I'll admit I found it boring and frustrating for the first 10-20 hours or so. Getting used to the game systems, much of it felt like filler, just throwing everything in there they possibly can. Eventually though the story pulls it all together and the last 5 or 6 hours of the game makes it worth it.

    It's just hard for a game to be revolutionary in this day and age though, it seems like you can only make incremental improvements.

    I will say some of the views in the game are pretty spectacular, I think once you're able to get up North, it gets pretty nice ... except for the damn Cougars ... swear to Jebus, they put those in just to frustrate you for not saving in the past 5 minutes.

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    To me, alongside Witcher 3 it is the best game of this console generation.

    Sure it's not perfect and has its quirks, but I loved the months I spent playing it, and it was everything I wanted in a follow up to Red Dead Redemption.

    Still, to each their own, as they say.
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