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    Default Re: New King Of Fighters Figure

    If a good Iori comes out, I might get the Kyo and Iori combo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynWolf X View Post
    Got any links to athena's pics?

    Wasn't the art from 2001 and onwards done by Falhoon? Falcoon? I forget the name. If yes, then yeah, I hated it too.
    IMO KOF went downhill after SNK was sold. Shinkiro ended up working for Capcom. I'm not sure if he has any recent works.

    Might be an overstatement but one can say Shinkiro is the heart & soul for making SNK games look cool. The artworks of most AES cover looks great. I'm not sure if he designed the characters but he pretty much brought realism style into gaming artwork.

    Yuri & Friends series is based on his style and looks great.

    Hell he made ugly Capcom characters like Street Fighters look good.

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