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    Lightbulb Resident Evil 6 Chris Redfield & BSAA Team

    Chris Redfield is a player character and the lead protagonist from Capcom's Resident Evil series. This figure is based on RE6, the latest release of the game series. I was attracted to the game due to the use of Hong Kong as the background of the game scene. I was amazed by the details and the accuracy of the HK scene settings. The game research and modeling teams have definitely done a great job here.


    This is the game reference of Chris Redfield. Compared to the previous release, Chris looks older and more fat:

    Photoshop CG
    The following CG's are based on the game scene of the game. All the background images used are from Hong Kong with some of them are from the Kowloon Walled City, which doesn't exist any more.

    Personal Gallery: http://www.mgbb2005.com

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    The Figures

    Chris Redfield
    Head: HT Chris Redfield modified & repainted
    Body: HT Barney Ross
    T-shirt: Unknown
    Pants: DML SDU
    Boots: HT Barney Ross
    Vest & Accessories: I cannot really recall where the parts are coming from. Some are modified to match the game setting better.
    BSAA Patch: Printed to a special paper and then use a pressing iron to transfer the image to a cloth

    BSAA Team Member
    Head: DML
    Body: DML
    BDU: BBI
    Pants: DML SDU
    Helmet: VeryHot
    Goggles: VeryHot
    Vest: HT
    Other Accessories: Mixed sources. Cannot recall exactly where they are coming from.

    Head Customization
    I used HT Chris Redfield head as the base. I used sculpey to sculpt the hair style to match the appearance in RE6.
    1) The HT head before customization
    2) Removed the original hair sculpting
    3) Sculpted new hair style with Sculpey
    4) Initial painting of eyes
    5) The eyes are done
    6) Wounds, dirt and beard details were added
    7) Sculpting of ear piece
    8) Ear piece painting was done
    9) Sweating effect was added with the use of clear gloss paint

    More CG's

    Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed my work. All comments are welcome!
    Personal Gallery: http://www.mgbb2005.com

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    Sweet, any plans for other characters?

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    Rock on! That is awesome.

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    Badass. Very nice work.

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    best chris custom i ve seen!
    awsome work!

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    thats awesome, about time someone made a custom, great work!!

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    Awesome! Good job.

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