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    Default Mister Miracle = TURRRRDDDDDDD

    Oh good god. Do yourselves a favor and avoid the "CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED" 12 issue maxi series Mister Miracle like the damn plague.

    When the first issue came out a whopping two years ago, it was almost universally praised as the next big thing. It was even compared to Watchmen and Dark Knight.

    It was GOOD! I admit it....it was good! Nice art, good pace, an intriguing mysterious storyline that seemed to be building to something unique and momentous.

    Hell, even the first 3 or 4 issues deserved the hype.

    And then after many monthly delays, the quality plummeted and it was apparent that comics wunderkind du jour writer Tom King is an emperor with no clothes. (I may have inadvertently insulted him right to his face at Baltimore comic con, but I didn't know he could hear me and that's neither here no there.)

    I'm really glad I downloaded this for free. What a tremendous let down. Props where props are due, it started off terrific. But man, did it slide into the realm of navel gazing garbage in record time. The plot became non-sensical, it had a classic "it was all a dream, or was it??" lame-oh fake out ending, and the characters that were once engaging and relatable became unlikable cliches before the halfway point.

    Read it for yourself but please don't pay for it.

    PS....art by Mitch Gerards was consistent and enjoyable throughout. He deserves none of the blame. This is all on Tom King.

    Well, the search for a comic book that deserves to go down in the pantheons with the classics from the 80s and 90s continues...this dreck was certainly not it.

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    Much like most DC stuff these days...

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    Yeah there were a bunch of really good books when the reboots happened, but they’ve slowly went back to ****

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