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    Default Yavin Luke custom (tips wanted!)

    Thinking of putting a Yavin Luke together. Presume the Sideshow outfit is much better than the hasbro one? Which body is best to use for him (assuming I canít pick up a HT one)?

    If anyone has put one together can you post pics here?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I love that final scene costume. If
    You read about his costume in the Star Wars costume book, they said that they wanted to make him as close to Han as they could.

    Heís wearing Hanís Empire pants and a black version of his shirt. But as a V neck. Thatís the first thing so thatís easy.

    The jacket might be harder. You could pattern Jyn Ďs jacket from the HT R1 figure. Itís close. And Sideshow DID make this figure years ago.

    Hanís rider boots. And the holster would need to be custom. If you look up Luke ceremony costume yavin there are a lot of reference pics out there.

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    Thanks Sherman!

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    Honestly I'd say that if you could get the Sideshow one, do so.
    There's a lot there you can use.

    Here's mine Pre-swapping.

    The outfit is tailored for a shorter body type (pictured below), and has stitched-on socks, so if you do a swap keep that in mind. Also parts of the belt needed re-gluing, but that wasn't a big deal.

    I'm not sure if it's a recurring issue or not but I found the stitching on the black shirt of Luke's had kind of deteriorated, especially around the shoulders...it is an over 10 year old figure, so I'm not sure if it's from time or how the figure was stored before I got it.

    I put mine on a narrow shoulder and gave him a boot-swap.
    Here he is Post-swap.

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    Excellent upgrading: suddenly it becomes faithful to the movie !!!

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    Ebay has great custom 1/6 Luke head sculpts that would finish this off nicely!

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