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    Default Display alert: ikea round dioder led lights (old version) discontinued

    Bummed. I got two more detolfs and went to get the dioder leds (the non color changing ones) and they are sold out and no longer being offered.

    I'm one of the fewer displayers who like the small round puck lights from the Dioder line for shadows it creates, makes displaying more dynamic, and sometimes great for hiding figure flaws

    Anyway, if you have old stock at your local ikea, or have a set or two you no longer use or don't want, or maybe you want to upgrade? hit me up! Would be interested in a set or two.

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    The way IKEA has handled the lights has been nuts. They went from the strips you can choose to connect end-on-end or indivdually to strips that ONLY connect in a long strip, to favoring colors, to phasing out Dioder in favor of Ledberg and others. The standard has changed 2-3 times in the past 2-3 years. Really tough to get lighting consistent given I just bought a bunch of new Bestas, and the lighting is different between cabinets bought 4 years ago, 2 years ago and the newest ones.
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