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    Default Re: Yoda's Hut: Magnum Toys

    Quote Originally Posted by SwedishHeat View Post
    Hmmm, I'd have imagined Sideshow would make more, before someone came along and recasted theirs.

    With something this large, fragile, and so many accessories, I wouldn't trust a bootleg outfit on it.
    It's not a recast. It appears to be a 100% totally different sculpt.

    Looks too small and it's a just-okay price. Exact same price the Sideshow one was 7-8 years ago. Sculpt's not quite as good as SSC's, but the accessories seem comparable. Sideshow's wasn't accurate either and too small as well, but the Sideshow one you could at least squeeze a Luke inside. This one looks like it might be a bit too tight.

    Curious to see what it's made of. If it's plastic then I'll grab it, cut it up and make a larger hut that's screen accurate. It'll probably be some kind of polystone though. It's the reason I never got the SSC one - it's off in many ways and because its polystone there was no way to fix/adjust it.

    Quote Originally Posted by SwedishHeat View Post
    I might have been a bit hasty in my assessment. Maybe it's not a straight recast, but it's clearly based on Sideshow's. Wacky floorplan and completely underscaled, with none of the detail from SSC's version. They also seemed to mimic the original's accessories.

    It's like it's their own interpretation of Sideshow's interpretation of Yoda's Hut.
    Not to defend this company or the product, but how else are you going to do Yoda's hut? It's just a cutaway that matches the set details as best they can. And the accessories aren't something Sideshow dreamed up - they're props seen in the hut in the movie that any company would attempt to match and include.

    In some ways the "too small" thing may work for this dio - the SSC hut is a pretty huge space commitment for some, and people may just want a nice small hut backdrop for their new HT or SSC Yoda, and I guess you could seat Luke outside it. It's kinda like HT's Sarlacc base for Fett - it's way underscale but accentuates the figure without dedicating a ton of space.

    And the fact that both HT and SSC have released a Yoda makes the timing smart.
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    The makers have said on Facebook that it will fit inside a Detolf so it's definitely smaller than the Sideshow version.

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    Where did he go to the bathroom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneangrymo View Post
    Where did he go to the bathroom?
    That swamp Luke landed in wasn't a swamp when Yoda arrived on Dagobah.

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