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    Default Last Jedi Rey battery size? Please help!

    I have tried in other threads but can't seem to get an answer. I purchased a Rey light up saber arm on eBay and it didn't come with batteries or instructions. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what size it takes as none of my other figures batteries will fit (all too big). I really hate to make a dedicated thread for this, but I was going to order batteries online and I can't seem to find the anywhere what size I'm needing.

    Help is greatly appreciated!

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    I believe the size you need is LR621....that's what Jedi Luke uses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papasmoak View Post
    I believe the size you need is LR621....that's what Jedi Luke uses.
    I think I tried the Luke and they were too big. I'm guessing it's the next size down but I can't find a battery number/ID anywhere.

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    AG1/LR621 are my best guess. Those are what came with the rey and bb8 set. You can see a pdf of those instructions on SSC product page. They dont have the pdf for the last jedi version though.

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    Thank you guys for the info. Since it's only a few bucks might as well pick these up to try

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