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    Default Re: HUGE Ultimate Death Star Window Diorama with Animated 39 inch HDR Philips TV Moni

    Quote Originally Posted by TurdFurgusonsHat View Post
    That will look great at that scale Joost! Will have to see about space. Also interested to see the truscale Falcon cargo hold and the Bespin gantry!

    Thanks man! But these large project all the support is very welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Getter Dragon View Post
    Sounds cool, but how would you prevent screen burn-in with the monitor? A screensaver would look silly running in the background.
    Thanks!! Burn in would not be a problem, because we will be making a very long video that will be played on a loop on that monitor, so there wonít be any burn in. I will post a video about this soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandible View Post
    I think this is (insanely) phenomenal - and definitely one that will compete against the Ultimate Death Star Interior as the ultimate JazzInc "grail" piece.

    My only comment, feels like there would be too much empty space at the top; have you though of cutting it off at this height (blue line pictured below)?

    Thanks! I really cannot wait to see this finished! I would be hard-pressed to make a choice between this one and the other ultimate death Star diorama. Thank God I donít have to.

    I canít cut off anything from the top for several reasons:

    1) this is how the actual set was, so it would not be accurate

    2) it would look quite cramped with a ceiling that low In real life

    3) we need that height to hide entire screen behind the diorama. The death Star window is very wide but not very high, so we can only use a part of that screen for the animation, and the rest of the wall will hide the rest of the screen.

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    Look at these cool massive parts for the ultimate Death Star window!

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