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    Default Re: BEWARE of these eBay buyers/sellers

    Beware this buyer: rosalvare4
    my friend sold him a figure, he switched a cheaper figure and file a claim. Everyone beware!!

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    Watch out for this ebay buyer. Was called zhun-ca2013‏. Bought a custom head from me, I sent it priority
    and it tracked right to his city. He keeps saying never received but I sent him the copy paste of the
    Canada Post tracking, the very day it got there. He said he went to Canada Post and they have no record of it.
    Even when I can see it in their tracking system...LOL

    That's why he never made a claim but for 2-3 months he's still saying never got and
    hinting at refund. Then he changed his account name, but I searched by his email, 853947141@qq.com.
    He's now under another name, but because my dealings with him are 90 days+, eBay wont ID him for me.

    So if you get someone from Canada, check the email address on the paypal payment.
    That's the one thing he's not changing, so if it's the email above he'll likely try to pull the same thing on you.
    Don't give him a refund, because then he'll have both your item and your money....

    Better yet, if you do get him, let us know his new ID, so he can be blocked.

    Lucky for me I had all the tracking, but he still kept trying to get more then the item
    he obviously already has.

    ADDED NOTE: I just saw on my block list(never noticed it before), that you can block by email....SOOOOO.
    he's blocked.

    That's much better, because the new ID shouldn't matter if he didn't change his email.
    And if the block is accepted, you know that email is still in use.
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    Beware of buyer: ordinarybee

    Sold him a Naughty and Nice The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm book. After almost 3 weeks after it was delivered decided it was "Not as described" and filed claim on Ebay. I offered full refund if he returned it and he refused. Offered to file insuarance claim refused. Offered partial refund refused. Went ahead and refunded the guy since Ebay was going to anyway if I didn't. I filed the insurance claim with Canada Post. They spent 2 months trying to get the guy to send the book back to their damages center amd he refused. His shipping was going to be reimbursed but he still would not return the book. So now I am out the money, the shipping I paid to send it and the item.

    Not cool

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    E-bay member Whitesage2

    Bought Goblin Premium Format pre order. Piece is coming out so I thought I would send a message and ask when I would receive, big surprise no longer an e-bay member. Anyone who ordered from him get in touch with e-bay they refund your money if you bought as pre-order. Have done a few pre-orders but not again when I have pay up front. Was such a great deal $435.00 free shipping and $50.00 in e-bay bucks. Thanks
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    Anyone know why bcbuyer11 is on the naughty list? I've had them buy a number of items from me going back a couple of months and haven't had any problems yet.

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    eBay is just a *hitshow now for both buyers and sellers, it’s literally a scam artists wet dream. At least a quarter of my transactions buying or selling are fraudulent in some manner and eBay only resolves maybe half of those in your favor with clear information of what they are doing. On top of that if too many cases are filed in a short amount of time if you run into a bad string of buyers/sellers they warn you that filing any other cases will get you suspended so basically you have to stop using eBay altogether for an extended period of time.

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    Dunno , over 1000 transactions for me....only like 6 disputes since eBay began?

    Maybe it's the type of stuff your buying?

    I know half of the disputes I have had were "collectibles"

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    These stories are scary. EBay needs to do more to scare shaft buyers.

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    Unfortunately, there are too many sales with bad buyers and sellers and not enough people to police them! Thereís just too much to investigate! Many people are just bad! Itís a shame we live in these times!

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    Yes how do you enforce any rules. The buyer states he got a box full of rocks, seller states he sent a statue. How do you settle that debate. Plenty more sellers around so e bay takes buyer side, if seller leaves e bay so what, many more where he came from.

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