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    Default Brock, Brant - Snowbunny Padme - Anime' or realistic?

    Some people are voting expecting an cartoony version of Padme if they vote for her. Is this what SSC intends for the characters of the Clone Wars cartoon?

    Personally I hope not as they then won't fit in with the other figures. But I guess we should get it clarified.

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    Realistic all the way! I don't want a figure looking like a cartoon character. The ones who want cartoon versions don't have a clue about what to expect from 1/6 figures or Sideshow.

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    I hadn't even considered that the sculpt would be cartoonish until people posted saying that's what they wanted.

    But at least that's one fear put to rest.

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    Would it be safe to say that Padme won't win the poll then? People wanting the animated version wont be happy if it won, and wasn't what they thought they'd be getting, and what they thought they were voting for. Another bout of disappointment and negative backlash isn't the kind of vibe that promotes confidence and loyalty. At least not from those that feel decieved.

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    I don't think it's that big a deal actually. I doubt there are many that were expecting the cartoon version. As mentioned above, if they were perhaps they're new to SSC 12" figures.

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    Sir Tristram
    Wow...I never enough considered they would make an anime version...

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    I thought Anime since that's the picture and how she was represented in that EU universe. I guess we are going artists' interpretation with Star Wars and not authenticly modeled after the source?

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    It will be authentically modeled after the source. The source is Natalie Portman.

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    Well, not really, but I see your point. But the source is the anime version, correct? That's all I'm saying. Many ways too look at it I suppose. Don't really care, but I think many people will think Padme is going to be represented as she is in the picture...cartoon version.

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