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    Default Darth Vader - Sideshow exclusive...

    Hi People.

    Well today I received an email that I was not expecting to ever see.

    Last month I signed up on the wait list for the Sideshow's Exclusive Darth Vader (limited 2000), and today I received an email from them advising that one has been made available and my order will be fulfilled this coming monday.

    Good things do come from Sideshows wait list.

    All the best.
    Alex K.

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    Congrats...gonna be a nice piece IMO. Keeps improving everytime I see new pics.

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    For any upcoming releases you don't have preordered, you're better off getting on the waitlist, because there's a good chance you'll get it. I recently got Sauron and the exclusive Doom from the waitlist.

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    88th division
    I just received an e-mail yesterday for Vader. I was beginning to lose hope on this wait list. The Han solo and Grevious became available quickly. Anyway now I have a lock on all five, (so far). OHHH ! my credit card!!!!!!

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    At the rate they're going, at least you'll have months between releases. When are we supposed to get Han?

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    Hopefully, no earlier than end of September.

    I've got to pay for both 1/4 Wolfman and Green Goblin within the next 2 - 3 weeks.

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    Today I received an email my waitlist reservation is also converted into an order :bliss

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    Last i heard the vader was still in prototype stage where the pose etc... is still not finalised. is it still the same now?

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    The Vader shown at SDCC was final or close to it I believe.

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    darkknight nyc
    Congrats Katsal

    I can't wait for mine to arrive. Already have the GG version. DV will probably be the only SS piece that I will collect. Not really convinced about keeping my Gen Grieve statue on order. Space is very limited. If I acquire anymore large piece, I might have to put a LOTR piece in storage .

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