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    Default Re: Time for MOLA RAM figures. Let's start a new chant. All with me now...

    Quote Originally Posted by dwing View Post
    Been PM'ing Wor-Gar and he had some ? regarding D-Arts clothes. Here is a custom piece I had made. I had comm. it twice from them over a two year period and they matched up well. Also ? regarding HS size.
    I've had a number of single items made by D-arts (Deniz) over the years and he's always been a very kind soul and I've been happy with his work.

    I reached out to him yesterday and his Mola Ram outfit is stills available. It's $35 as is. I find it a bit simple and would like to get a little more out of it personally, and of course would be willing to pay a higher price for a fuller, more accurate outfit. I have to ask him about that yet... but I wanted to see if others felt the same or I there is another source for the full outfit.

    Also, there's a wrinkle with Deniz -- he's in Turkey and says that PayPal no longer services his country. He hopes to have a new payment system up by Jan 2020.

    Here's the outfit on site. It looks like a good place to start...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	D-arts MOLA Comp 11-7-19.jpg 
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    Quote Originally Posted by punisher1974 View Post
    If the math Wor-Gar provided is right that is very doable for sure. The head is what I need since I have no painting skills I will have to get it painted too. I hope we can get this project to see the light of day.
    Just remember my math was in US dollars, not British Pounds... so the final tally will be a little higher.

    Also, I'm going to star a Project Thread so it will be a little cleaner and people can see there's an actual project trying to get started. I will transfer the interest here over to the new thread, so if you've changed your mind let me know.
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