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    Default Re: Sideshow Boxes: Keep or Toss?

    As i only collect the SW line from Sideshow (and admitedly, not ALL of them atm), i keep the boxes...hell i'm working on designing some "show" boxes for my custom figures when i get them ...just to be a real GEEK!...yes..i have no life....

    I'm also designing Boxes for the 1/6th set pieces i'm working on...just to make that little bit more "special"

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    I used to keep all my Hasbro boxes and cards, too, but I just felt, over time, that if I want to look at the packaging I can just go online. I can appreciate it without giving up the space, you know?

    Damn, now I'm back at square one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VOTR_Ed View Post
    Hey, thanks, guys. I think I will keep them. I only have 12" SW figures, so they aren't TOO big, but it's still space-consuming. They won't be moving with me to Japan, but they still need to be stored somewhere. With my lil men tucked inside them, I suppose.
    If you're moving to Japan, then it is definitely a good thing you're not planning to move them with you!!! Depending on where you'll be living, storage could be a real problem... (take it from one who knows!) I've been here for a couple of decades already and ended up shipping a ton of stuff back to the states for storage. I rented a garage at a secure storage facility for several years for my own collection, mostly bought in Japan, and I still consider it money well spent.

    You're probably going to find things over here that you'll end up adding to your collection, so having a safe, secure storage place back home could give you real peace of mind while you are away. Just a suggestion, of course.
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    The boxes are pretty important. Help you protect the figures when not in display or when moving, and keep the value of the figure higher than just a loose figure. I keep all my boxes in the attic. If you move to Japan which is a country well known for small apartments/rooms you should do as Mudshark said.
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    If I am going to buy a collectible from someone, I will nto buy it if it does not have the box and all paperwork
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