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    Default Kenner Aliens/Predator

    Hey guys, i dunno about you but i started collecting Kenner Aliens back when i was 6 i almost had the whole collection, i got rid of them all when i was 14 and now i almost have the whole collection again all boxed

    Dos anyone collect these?

    Just a few
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    i have some of the aliens, loose, i got when they came out, would love to get rid of them.
    at the time they were the only figures of aliens you could get.

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    very cool stuff!

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    i kinda did the same thing.

    although, i didn't have anywhere near a complete collection. i just got the ones i thought looked cool and skipped most of the marines.
    then, when mcfarlane started making alien/predator figures that were at least an attempt to look like the movies, i sold off all the kenner figures.
    well, most... i couldn't make myself get rid of the awesome queen hive playset, or the alien vs predator 2-pack.

    and recently, i've started getting a few of the kenner aliens/predator figures again.
    i got the hive wars series and the electronic laser shot predator. now, i'm pretty sure i'm done with that nostalgia trip.
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    i don't collect them any more, but i definitely had them all when i was young. i use to love em.

    especially the first alien you have pictured, the blueish one. he has the rubber head that you fill up with water right? loved that one.

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    Im pretty sure i have Ripley somewhere upstairs.

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    I had a few before. All I have left now is the mail-away Stealth Predator.

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    i just couldn't help myself, when i remembered what it was like as a kid i just had to have them again, i hunted down the best buys i could on Ebay and scored almost all of them, a few are a bit [email protected] so i didnt bother but the ones i owned as a kid and the others i wanted and never got i bought.

    it was my first expirence with collecting aliens and predators
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    killer crab alien
    glad we never saw some of these ideas translated to the big screen but the figures look cool

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    killer crab alien

    C'mon hot toys we want one !!

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