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    Default Marvel Fakes on EBay Thread


    atleast they admit its not a real SSC....but Ebay people can be dumb

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    What exactly is the difference here? It looks damn close to a production piece.

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    paint apps are off....its a wierd green....

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    Product's description:

    1) Hulk vs Spider-man Diorama statue, Not Sideshow but equivalent .

    2) Rare!!! Made by same factory that produce original Sideshow's statue. HOW???

    3) Paintworks, craftmanship, material , size & workmanship are exactly equivalent to original.

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    Freaked Out!
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    That's creepy. Makes you wonder if all your SS items are bootlegs.
    My listing: Sideshow Collectibles X-Men diorama EX. Artist Proof

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    Spidey's face looks effed up.

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    for 50 bucks....I might consider it....we all know its fake...you got to be nuts to give this guy 600 bucks for this!

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    I hope SS is looking into this from a legal standpoint. Yes they declare its not sideshow, but its obviously the same sculpt. I can't believe there is something they can do about it.... maybe im wrong

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    Wow.....a lot of false SSC pieces appearing on eBay now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mike View Post
    Wow.....a lot of false SSC pieces appearing on eBay now....
    Aren't they all Marvel pieces though?

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