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    Default Re: Hot Toys- MMS 67 - The Dark Knight - 1/6th BATMAN (Original Costume) full spec+pi

    This is Hot Toys versus Takara:

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    HT on the Right??? Look 100 times better!

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    Not, Hot Toys left, Takara right.

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    damn, now the neck does look a little too long on the HT

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    Quote Originally Posted by creature4000 View Post
    HT on the Right??? Look 100 times better!

    tee hee hee!

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    I still think Takara is a great piece but the Hot Toys one does look MUCH better than their first outing. Nice to see a comparison photo.

    I can say comfortably that you probably couldn't go wrong with either figure now.

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    I like the HT version better.

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    seeing that comparison I'm glad I passed on the HT - it is significantly better than their first try - but I still prefer the Takara above it.

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    In all fairness that photo makes both of them look bad. I have the Takara and it looks alot better than it does in that photo, and I can only assume the same is true of the HT - I've seen much better photos of it anyhow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Spidey View Post
    Joe, if you're reading this, when do you think you'll have Bats in stock?

    The last email I got from Hot Toys was that Batman should be ready to ship either the week of 7/21 or 7/28. I know that we just received our Batman Busts from Hot Toys this past week and are awaiting the Joker Busts. I would have assumed these would have shipped before the figures did...

    I have an email in today to hot toys to inquire about 2 things

    a) the ship dates of the Joker and Batman figures
    b) the availability of ordering more of the following Original Suit Batman, TDK Suit Batman and Joker

    Once I find out the answers to both those questions I will let everyone know what is going on..I received a ton of emails and pms asking about the availability of more figures as well as a firm release date so when I have the information to pass on..which I am hoping will be late tommorrow (monday in hk)..
    have a great weekend

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