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    Default Re: Lights for Detolf

    I just picked up some Dioder lights and see that the cord that goes from the hub to the light is relatively short. Anyone know how I can get an extension for a individual light to allow long cord length?

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    I want to get some lights for a shelf to light my 1:6 figures from above with some soft white light. I'm wondering about adding some type of RGB light to add some colored light, like perhaps some red light to storm troopers and Vader. Anyone have any thoughts on doing this? Should I just stick to white light?


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    If you are handy you can build your own LED light strip and use tunable white LEDs, this allows you to tune the color temperature to achieve the exact look you like instead of being stuck with 2700, 3000, 5000 K temperatures.

    E.g. https://www.superbrightleds.com/more...herproof/5696/


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