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    Psycho Cenobite

    Default Multiple Explosions in London!

    There have been a few explosions in London! One's blown the roof off a bus and the others have shut down the underground! uke

    All of this is happening right near where I work in London!

    Psycho Cenobite

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    Yeah, Ive just swiched the TV on, to this, looks like an other terrorised-attack. ..It's the world we live on.

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    Psycho Cenobite
    I feel sick! This is happeneing at stations I go through and I can't contact my friends as MSN isn't letting me log in and my phone isn't working.

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    So far it seems 6 bombs - 5 on the tube and the bus in Russell Square. 20 are believed to have died at present. Mobile phone networks have been suspended in case phones were being used as detonators.

    I feel sick also. Although I no longer live in London (was there last week though) I have friends and family there.

    My thoughts are with everyone in our wonderful capital Be safe.

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    Very sad indeed, now with fatalities. And this after the great news getting the Olympics. My prayers go out to you folks across the pond.

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    Very sad and troubling news - watching it at the moment.

    Looks like another terrorist attack. >: Bloody scum! >:

    Thinking of you all - and here's hoping the dealth/casualties count doesn't climb much higher.

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    Psycho Cenobite
    My friend in the TA has been put on stand-by.

    Tony Blair is head back from the G8 meetings but will go back later today.

    I feel sick and angry!


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    I work in london too near st pauls and its a scary place to be at the moment.
    I cant explain how angry I am at whoever did this.

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    Winged Shadows
    This is *****ked up!!!

    How could the animals that did this live with themselves?

    I have many friends and relatives that live and work in London, so i'm praying they're all safe.

    After the high of the Olympic bid win yesterday to this today... it sickens me.

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    Best wishes to our friends in London...these @^%# bastards need to be stopped...enough is enough!!!!!!!

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