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    Default The Amazing Race 7

    I can't believe nobody is talking about this show! I have to assume people are wathing! It is GREAT. Far and away the best reality show on TV, even if you don't like or watch reality TV. It is a 21st century game show that spans the globe.

    This season is well under way and is great as usual!

    Let's start talking people! Who are your teams? Who do you LOVE? Who do you HATE?


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    Reality shows-

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    Have you ever watched it David? I'm telling you man, i've turned so many people who aren't into reality shows onto this show. It is just GREAT! I don't like them either, but this is just a really big game show and it is soooooo fun to watch!

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    I love the Amazing Race, although I think we in Aus are way behind, were up to the one with Angryman Dickwad Jonathan and his wife, Freddy and Kendra ect..
    yay its on tonight, as well as Lost.

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    Yup, you guys are a season behind there. That is a really good one, and the next one (the one we are watching right now) is even better!

    I hope they do an Amazing Race all stars! There are a lot of teams I'd love to see come back and compete against each other!

    And LOST... wow.. that shows a trip! I've never watched a show where even as we approach the end of Season 1 you have NO IDEA what the hell is happening, where the characters are what they are doing or ANYTHING. It's really good but sooo crazy!

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    The Amazing Race is far away the best 'reality' show on tv (with the occasional interesting episode of Survivor). I hate to even classify it as "reality" tv because that word's starting to develop a taint around it. The Amazing Race is so great, and to think it struggled the first few seasons. The 4th season almost didn't get made (or sometime around then), but suddenly it won some awards and now more people are watching.

    This season rocks! Gotta love Boston Rob!!

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    This is one show my husband and I don't miss.

    But I have to tell you, Rob and Amber are just about ruining it for me.....I can't STAND that guy!!! :curse

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    Hahaha... a lot of people don't like Rob and Amber.

    I myself do. They are fun (even if a little arrogant...) and they play the game well. I enjoy watching them, and watching the other teams hate them....

    However, what they did last week caused me to like them A LOT less..... that was just disgraceful!

    Happy watching tonight!!!

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    Yeah, I watch Amazing Race every week. Its an awesome show plus they go to some really cool places. I've thought about asking this buddy of mine about trying out for the show. I also love watching Survivor another show I'd like to be on, LOST, and CSI.

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    LOST is great..... crazy, bizzare, mysterious but GREAT

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