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Thread: What Do You Do?

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    Struggling artist

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    I teach elementary school (4th grade this year), and I don't spend any time of my day making doilies as one of my friends suggests!

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    i am a club disc jockey here in Toronto Cananda
    i am also raising my 10 year old daughter Sara

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    I am a Medical Technologist. I work by myself in a local hospital laboratory on the night shift. Work ranges from "boring" to "oh my god" exciting if there is an accident or sick child. I do everything from drawing blood samples to crossmatching blood for transfusions, microbiology, hematology, chemistry, coagulation and urinalysis. The hospital I work at has a pediatric intensive care unit, so we get a lot of sick kids/babies.

    I also own my own business which does occupational health testing for businesses and insurance physicals.

    Two kids, two dogs, busy life!!!!

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    I am a software support manager for IBM in Austin, Texas. My team supports the OS/2 Operating System, LAN components and the IBM Internet Web Browser. I have a 9 person team in Austin, a 23 person team in Bangalore, India and an 18 person team in Riga, Latvia. All 3 teams work customer reported software bugs and we also do OS/2 Device Driver development for IBM desktop PCs and Laptops. I have worked at IBM for over 35 years and I'm planning on retiring in 2 years.

    2 grown boys in their 20s (1 is married) and 3 dogs.

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    "Work ranges from 'boring' to 'oh my god' exciting if there is an accident or sick child."

    Joanna--I had such a laugh when I read this particular statement. I also get excited if a child gets sick--but only if its one of my pain-in-the-butts who won't ruin my day. :yay

    I am kidding, of course!!

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    I am a Mechanical Technician in a Paper Mill.
    I Millwright and I am a Pipe-fitter and a certified Welder.
    I also own and operate a Internet business on the side. I hope to retire from the Paper Mill in 5-7 years and operate my business on a full time basis. I do not want to divulge my internet site as it would make available more information than I care to disclose here.(Don't want to show lurkers where there is a ton of Polystone..LOL LOL)

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    Bodie The Cursed
    Im a pro tap dancer..


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    My life is existence. I have an easy dead end job, that leaves me with about A$30 a week after bills and sustenance. It all goes on Sideshow figures, to keep my spirits up. I am trapped in my rented flat, except for this board. I used to be depressed, but now I'm just sad, which is a big step up, as I feel much happier than before. I have no prospects and feel any ambition would be futile, due to being non financial. I have foregone materialism, and find family and friends to be where wealth and happiness lie. I have two close friends, and have found a number of friends on this board. I don't really know what they are like, except they are exceptional and loving people. I dread anything happening because it would likely upset my fragile balance. I don't have much money, which equates to not having many worries either. I have never known of a job that I would like to do. I enjoy music and play basic self taught, bass, guitar, mandolin, drums and harmonica. So after spilling my guts, the answer to your question, "What do you do?", I play with myself.

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    big al
    Hey all.
    Now please hold onto those rocks for just one minute, your gonna hate me for this'
    I work for the UK customs, I hate it, but it was the first job i was offered after i quit hairdressing, iv worked here for almost 2 and a half years, and it was originally gonna be a stepping stone job, bu thte job is so easy and the people are amazing here.
    Late in the year im applying to join the fire service, hope that works out, that should pay the bills, and give me a lot of work satisfaction!
    My gf works for Princes trust, helping ex offenders get back on the right track, which she always tells me she loves to bits, and id kill for a job that gives you that feeling, and actually gives something back to the community, so im working on that, and will elt you know when it works out!
    gret thread btw!

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