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    Default Re: Star Wars The Mandalorian - TMSXXX - 1/6 Luke Skywalker Collectible Figure

    Quote Originally Posted by xipotec View Post
    Where?s my Bespin Han

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    In carbonite.

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    While I’d much rather see HT produce a new Farmboy Luke with an improved portrait, CGI Mando Luke is a quick and timely money grab. For the most part everything is a reuse. It’s possible they might tweak the portrait, modify the cloak, and add an accessory or two for the Regular. Then throw in a base with a cleaved Dark Trooper and a baby Grogu for the Deluxe.

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    I think it's a tease. They show head of existing figures when they use them during photoshooting. We saw Bespin Luke in ESB Vader announcement photos. When we don't see the face it's usually a tease for a new figure. It may not be a complete new HS, but I think they are considering a Mando Luke.

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    I can see them using the RoTJ sculpt with a new hair piece

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    Even if Hot Toys make a new headsculpt and nail the likeness in that scene, it's still a strange looking CGI Luke...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auel View Post
    He's having 2 sleeves in this costume, similar to the Prequal robes. The image I've shown you probably has the outer sleeve obscuring the inner one.

    Either way, I'm very sure it's not a reissue but a new robe that he's wearing.
    That was my first thought. The inner sleeves look very reminiscent of the shirt Obi Wan had in Revenge of the Sith. I would not be surprised if it was that exact costume but in black, maybe with smaller cuffs on the tunic.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Obi Sleeves.jpg 
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    I think this will end up like the bespin han teaser

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    I don?t think so - I think it takes some time to develop a prototype - they haven?t seen anything before us - so at best they started developing in January- with Chinese New Year we won?t see anything before April, May or even June I guess

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