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    Default Re: Star Ace James Dean...

    Problem is, some idiots must be buying this crud in order for Star Ace to stay in business and hog good licenses.

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    Jeezus, this is horrible. How does this company survive? What happened to these guys. Their Steve McQueen was excellent — this bares zero resemblance to JD.

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    Is this ?Zombie? James Dean? That is really frightening.
    It is too bad too-I?d love a James Dean with today?s headsculpt painting standard.
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    Star Ace needs to close shop...the fact that they have the license to make figures of the characters from Tarantino?s films kills me! I would prefer to just sit around and wish that a real company would get that license than watch it get squandered. These awful figures are the final nail in their coffin.

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    I had that Hot Toys ?red jacket? James Dean figure years ago when it first came out. I think it cost less than 100 bucks. I really liked it, was a great figure for the time, but it did not look like that promo picture. That picture has a lot of realism and detail and the actual sculpt and paint was very soft, more doll like, but still good work from their early days. Would love to see what Hot Toys could do today.

    I think James Dean is a hard likeness to capture but this new figure looks way off.

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    This is quite disappointing, looks really lazily put together. The body type is wrong, the material for the jacket (red) is wrong, the overall look doesn?t even hint that it?s James Dean. The head sculpt is really poor, the hands are too small, and its skin colour doesn?t match the face. Why are sunglasses included? At no point in the films did he wear one. For this price, at least a decent base would have been appreciated. The Hot Toys release was great, especially for the time (Red Jacket), although the paint was soft, it was actually a really good sculpt, and the expression was perfect for the character. The jacket, jeans, body etc. were very accurate. The Hot Toys Cowboy one is also decent, but these Star Ace ones, especially coming 11 years after the Hot Toys ones, should look far better than they do. A 3rd party company would produce better and it would cost less than half the price of this. Star Ace has some great licenses, but they?re so on and off (mainly off) with their figures. That?s the most disappointing part. Hopefully they tweak it, and it ends up looking better. James Dean is one of my favourites, and this would be a necessity, but they look so average that it?ll have to be a pass until it?s improved. The Hot Toys ones are still good and will suffice.

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    I was looking forward to the Rebel Without a Cause figure as that's one of my all time favorites, but the HT one looks better an that's from like when? 2007-8? Granted the production paint wasn't really close to the proto, but the sculpt was there. Maybe it's like other Star Ace stuff that once it's repainted the sculpt really shines. I remember the raw sculpt they showed back in May looked pretty good

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    UGH not even one usable part to upgrade a 2008 figure out of these? They cant even get cuffed jeans right? Star Ace should be ashamed of themselves, they dont deserve to be anywhere near this license.

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    Head sculpt looks like someone you'd see in an alley behind a mini mart.

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    No thank you, Star Ace

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