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    Default Sideshow 1/6 Batman question

    Hi, just starting to explore customizing. Bought a Tony Mei 1/6 Batman White Knight head for my Sideshow Batman (black costume). Unfortunately, all the joints are loose, so I would like to transfer the custom head and original costume to a different body. Any recommendations for a good 1/6 body? Thanks in advance for any tips/replies!

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    some ppl liek using the phicen M34 or M35. The most difference between the two are the thighs on the M35 are larger. A cheaper bit still really good option would be the Wolrdbox AT027. Me personally, I'd choose the Worldbox body. Since it's solid plastic, the suit will have an easier time sliding over it. You're going to have to undo some stitching at the back to get the suit off as well as the top half of the trunks. I've customized 2 Sideshow Batman figures before, so I've got a lot of experience with this figure.

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    Thanks, really appreciate the response! Couple more questions, if you don’t mind. Which body is more poseable, Phicen or World box? Also, what about wrist pegs and foot pegs? Are the Sideshow ones compatible with either body? Thanks again!!

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    I have my Sideshow Batman feet and hands on a Phicen body right now. The leg gauntlets were the hardest thing to put on (over the M34 calf muscles), but they eventually went on.

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    Yeah, I would recommend the M34 body for a White Knight. I did my Tony Mei Animated Bats on an M34 and everything looks good. Planned on using the M34 when I get around to putting my White Knight version together.

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    Thank you everyone for the feedback, really appreciate it. Will go w/the M34, wish me luck, as this is my first time customizing/modding!

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    Here are a few pictures of Sideshow Batman on a M34 body.

    DSC08758 by A.F.M. Productions, on Flickr

    DSC08759 by A.F.M. Productions, on Flickr
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