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The future is in front of us.

CyberLife, a world-renowned android manufacturing company from Detroit, USA, not only provides android for government agencies but also focuses on our daily life. Today, Cyberlife brings its latest housekeeping android AX400, codename: "Kara".
Cyberlife is committed to providing families with a friendly, gentle, and efficient housekeeping android. AX400 is perfectly qualified for this goal. AX400 not only has a nice appearance, perfect clothes but also provides you with a perfect service.

"Wait, why are you hurting Alice! Stay away from her!"
"I?m sorry, Alice."
"After we cross the border, we can start over. You can go to school, maybe I will find a job."
"As long as we stay together, that is all that matters."
"This is a story about a little girl, who was tired of being afraid, she dreamed of being like all the other girls, but deep down, she knew she couldn?t. Then, she met a robot and the robot was not happy, so they decided to run away together to find a better life. They encountered many dangers along the way, but they were so brave and escaped all of them. On the way, they met a Gentle giant, who promised to protect them. And the ending of this story is up to us, Alice."

Comes with:
-Silver short hair head sculpt
-Light brown long hair head sculpt
- Highly posable body
-4 exclusive hand types include:
-A pair of holding hands
-A relaxing hand
-A gun holding hands

-Beige gradient long sleeve sweater
-Dark blue jacket
-Gray pattern shirt
-Exclusive shoes

- Detachable Magazine Handgun
-Openable box
-Silver scissor
-The car ticket
-Golden key
-Transparent special effects
-Paper products
-Exclusive base
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