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Thread: Broken Wings

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    Question Broken Wings

    Hey there,

    I wanted to ask the forum if you could give some advice on how to fix some broken wings of the Deathwing Statue.
    Pardon me if thats the wrong forum , pls do tell me if thats the case.
    Anyways, one of them is completly broken and since the weight of that thing is rather big , im scared to just use some good glue . Ive seen ppl say to use epoxy glue , but that one would be seeable once glued together since the "scar" where it broke will still be viewable.

    Ive also seen ppl say to drill really small holes in both ends and then put in some small wood or metall sticks and glue it together then so that those stick would support the wing.Again since that part of the wing is kinda see through you would see them also it seems to thin to drill in nor could i put in a long stick since its not flat but dynamic .

    The second wing isnt completly broken yet it kinda sticks to its upper part , so that one I would say would be good to be glued even tho the gap would still be there.
    One other question would be if I use glue , i cant but rubber bands around it since it wouldnt use force on the proper spot but for the best outcome Im supposed to hold as long as possible together right?

    I would love to here what you guys think and how you would handle this and thanks in advance for any answer !


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