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    Default Re: MEZCO ONE:12 Silent Screamers 1922 NOSFERATU!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    yeah well.. for those who did not get it - don't be disappointed.

    it's a complete misfit of a figure. it's a giant 1/12 midget basically. does not go along with it's almost double sized head AT ALL with any other 1/12 scale figures, like frankie, jason, etc (those two look like from a completely different toy line).. In my opintion, as a character designer myself, I see it simply as a poor design choice that looks ok only by itself. big head, oversized hands and feet.. not to mention it does not reflect the original 1922 movie char in the slightest (calling it nosferatu and putting the year was nothing but an addvertising move - it's not even close). It just doesn't have the vibe. it's a nice figure, don't get me wrong, but it's defo not worth the hype. simply put, it's just a cartoon with some "uncanny valley" features, unfortunately.

    some youtubers mention it has loose feet.. well, I can confirm - because of how the cloth wraps the leg parts, it's difficult to get it in the position you want (cloth foces joints back to their default position). however, it does stand on it's own, but it's not the quality you'd expect from a 100$+ figure. feels cheap, despite all the details and different parts (you could not say smth like that about mezcos frankenstein).

    also, hand joints look like they're about to break (both are same as in photo). a matter of time. defo not for messing around.. be warned.

    veteran collector verdict - 5/10
    (now I do understand the video clip move for this figure, cos othervise it would've been really hard to sell)

    tbh, I'll probably end up selling it, but after spending like almost 2x just to get it to central Europe.. not much likely to happen any time soon. gonna have to put it back in it's silly oversized lunchbox case

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