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    Default Infinity Studio: Elegant Beauties - Satire of Fair Lady

    Preorder of Infinity Studio new product, Satire of fair lady, the second product of Elegant Beauties Series, START AT 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
    Elite edition: ulimited with round base with flowers
    Limited edition: 999 pcs with round base with flowers + transparent water effect base, two bases(switchable) and pure bronze commemorative coin carved with limited number.
    Figure + Round Base: H34cm? W18cm ? L27cm
    Figure + transparent water effect Base :H35cm ?W18cm ? L27cm
    -Official Price
    Elite Edition :249 USD
    Limited Edition :269 USD
    Please preorder it through the distributors in your area.

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    Take my money!
    Pre-Orders: Hot Toys Alita, SSC Chris Sanders Pumpkin Witch
    For sale: DC Bombshells Katana Statue

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