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    Default Re: Blitzway/5Pro Studio Inspector Gadget 1/12 Figures

    Quote Originally Posted by The Clown Prince of Crime View Post
    The set looks great, but they should include the chair with the Claw arm and an extra Inspector Gadget sculpt with the mustache.
    Yeah that would be cool, I cant remember if we ever got to see Dr Claw in the cartoon, it was always a rear view of a seated Dr Claw, where you could only see his arm and hand watching a TV screen, with MAD Cat on the desk in front of him.

    I wonder if Blitz will make any more 80's cartoon figs? Maybe The Raccoons or DuckTales.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sabin23 View Post
    But I am guessing the trade off is EE charges more shipping than BBTS?
    If you buy the set together it's free shipping in the US.

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    This release intrigues me. Looks like a pretty high quality, but otherwise conventional plastic Gadget figure, and the rest are plastic statues with interchangeable parts. But the price is through the roof. At least with Figma you have figures that are ridiculously articulate. Can't imagine this selling all that well, but maybe there is an audience for this kind of thing. . .if they did, say, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends or even GI Joe in this style I might actually bite the bullet.

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    I feel like this should be more like $120 or so. Charge like $60 for Gadget and $60 for Penny, Brain, and Quimby making them $20 each. At $190 for the four it’s a tough sell. It would be a slightly different story if Penny, Brain, and Quimby were articulated, but the fact that they’re staction pieces.

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    Unfortunately, $90 seems to be the going rate for a 6-inch 'import' figure these days. I don't think the price is out of line for what's out in the market. Storm, Figma, MAFEX, Figuarts all that stuff comes in around $80-$90, and that's if you buy it from an overseas supplier, BBTS is going to charge their markup on top of that.

    If this were NECA or Mezco doing it, I could see it being the price being lower.

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    I have a feeling it has something to do with a smaller demand. But other than that it's not offering much for a 1/12 Inspector Gadget figure and a few plastic statues.
    This feels like what MONDO would normal charge. Over priced but offering so little.

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    Placed my order for Gadget at Entertainment Earth. I don't bother much with these smaller action figures anymore, but this one just looks too fun not to have.

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